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Bodyguard Services / Close Protection

What is 'Close Protection'?

Close Protection is the term that is used within the security industry to describe the physical protection of an individual who is at risk.

What is the difference between a close protection officer and a bodyguard?

The common difference, and again it is down to individual interpretation between a bodyguard and a close protection officer (because the two are somewhat the same), is that a bodyguard will be more often aligned to the individual; they are for instance very visible next to some well-known celebrity that's attending a red carpet event.
A close protection officer on the other hand, will be less likely to be identified. They are more clandestine; they'll be low-profile, but will still be maintaining that security provision; watching out for the threat and ensuring that there is protection around that principal at all times.

What will it protect me against?

Close protection should work on two levels: a preventative level and a reactive level. It should look at obviously ensuring that there is planning set around your social and working environment to protect you against a human risk ambushing you, or presenting itself in places where you least expect it. Close protection is a protective membrane, or a fabric around you to ensure that you can go about your normal day as easily as you can with the minimum amount of disruption, but the highest degree of safety.

S.A.S Solutions Close Protection, Surveillance & Electronic Counter-Measures Division.

S.A.S Solutions Counter-Security Consultants are mostly former Ex Armed Forces and/or Police Personnel, who employ the same ethics, skills, experience and protocols as mentioned in this document to deliver a bespoke, highly professional service.
We offer these services both within South Africa & abroad. From the Private Sector, VIP Events, Corporate Sector and all the way to Government and Foreign Embassies. Wherein our main Speciality is visiting Heads of State Delegations, be assured that at S.A.S Solutions we take every person's protection seriously - from a family member, all the way to Head of State.
We provide a variety of personnel to fit every need and risk assessment.
All our operatives are PSIRA registered and qualified.

  • Personal Bodyguards
  • Close Protection officers, usually in a team
  • Security Advance Teams
  • Security Drivers
  • Escort Teams
  • Residential Security Teams, providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues & also temporary locations for holidays and high profile events
  • Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising perhaps of driver(s), bodyguard(s), escort officer(s), residential security officer(s) and a dedicated security contract manager/consultant