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Static & Event Security

Risk Management and implementing effective mitigating measures are the key components of any effective security solution.

Static Security

This section has been developed for the purpose of supplying an up-market security service to Embassies, Financial Institutions, Shopping Centres, Estates and other clients, in conjunction with their Risk assessment, and with the support of all the above sections.

We still believe and maintain that not one of these sections can operate effectively on its own and be a “division”.  Unity, adaptability and growth are a few of the key elements that we leave behind to “post a guard at a gate”, and then believing that this will secure a premises, and/or the people at that premises.

S.A.S Solutions ensures that our client's assets and personnel are protected by the integrated application of professional Management teams, electronic monitoring and surveillance equipment, control centres and manpower support.

Our portfolio includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Security guards from Grade A to E
  • Security guards at National Key Points
  • Security Receptionist
  • Security Screening, Access and Egress control
  • Security technology and management
  • Security screening (Polygraphs, true verification, qualification verification)
  • Investigations

Event Security

People management, not control - that’s the key...

This section has been developed because of the lack of understanding from Event Security Specialist, that management is the key, not control. Granted we at S.A.S Solutions understand that control sometimes has to be applied, but that usually means that the management part was not done properly. Managing the people and addressing the situation before it becomes a control problem is the aim of this section.

S.A.S Solutions knows and understands that your normal security guard is usually not trained to handle crowd management, seeing that it requires the abilities to be highly intelligent, professional, have a physical presence and be able to communicate with all attending, concerning information and /or procedures.

The insurance of trained, professional, visible event facilitators is a must, and we at S.A.S Solutions understand the necessity of this for any successful event.