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Health & Safety (Live Events)

Recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of entertaining the public in a safe and secure environment.

This section has been developed to ensure that there are effective procedures in place so that safety is maintained at all events organised by yourselves or held on your premises.
In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of members of the public, staff or students working at and/or attending an event, health and safety must be planned and well managed.

Our extensive experience and expertise of operating at events worldwide means we always take into account the bigger picture, while understanding the complex interdependence of different parts.

For our clients, our solutions provide better safety and security, reduced costs and increased revenue-generating opportunities.

And for your customers, that means improved experiences and the chance to enjoy their recreation and leisure in safer and more secure environments.

We handle all health and safety aspects of the event, including these very essential points -from the planning of an event, to the last piece of equipment and/or person leaving the premises and/or event.

  • The Health and Safety Plan and File for Event
  • The Disaster Management Plan and File for Event
  • Legal Compliance and Events permission from local EMS
  • The responsibilities of all role players
  • The Risk Assessment of the Event
  • The Medical Planning
  • The Security Planning

Health & Safety (Personnel)

Recognise that secure and beneficial solutions, without the support of professional, trained individuals and/or companies are pointless.

This section has been developed to ensure that there are professional, trained people in place to ensure that all the plans and procedures that were agreed upon for your events, are implemented, monitored and sustained.

In doing this, our clients can count on a selection of proven staff and providers, who has had previous experience in the event industry and who will be beneficial and sometimes essential for the success of your event.

These include

  • Health and Safety Officers
  • Medical and Security Personnel
  • Brand Representatives and welcoming staff
  • Crowd Facilitators
  • Event Drivers